Top 30 Sites to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

According to a report by the Home Safety Council, fires and burns are the third leading cause of unintentional home injury and related deaths. In 2003, 80 percent of fires in the U.S. occurred in the home and resulted in 3,925 deaths as cited by the National Fire Protection Association. And being unprepared or uneducated about fire safety can only add to these statistics.

With far more than the family home at stake, it is just as important as ever for both parents and kids to know the basic, and even a few of the advanced, practices of fire safety. To help, we have gathered the top 30 sites to teach kids about fire safety. They contain lessons and activities just for kids and even a few select choices for older kids and even parents and teachers.

Top Overall Sites to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

    1. Fire for Kids
      The main site is a source for fire prevention resources and information for everyone. However, this site is tailor made just for kids with lessons, fun, and games. You can even use it to learn how to become a junior fire marshal.


    1. Sparky the Fire Dog
      He is the fire equivalent of McGruff the Crime Dog. His site is full of fire related learning for kids complete with activities, looks at fire trucks, and even a section for parents. There are also loads of games to play.


    1. Fire Facts
      Parents, kids, and teachers can all stop here to learn more about fire safety from cartoons and actual firefighters. There are videos, contests, and sections just for kids. You can even send in your questions to actual firefighters with just a click.


    1. Fire Safety for Kids
      The team at Rescue 1 specializes in teaching fire safety to kids. There are games, videos, events, and even a blog. Of course, there are also options for parents and teachers.


    1. Scholastic
      If you are a teacher or just a parent who thinks like one, click here. The site from Scholastic includes many fire resources to educate children with. You can also get lessons, printables, and more on the site.


    1. A to Z Teacher Stuff
      In the tradition of the above, this site is also for teachers who want to get some fire safety resources. Nine current choices include fire prevention crafts, snacks, fire science, and others. There are also tons of other themed lessons for the viewing.


    1. Playing With Fire?
      The folks at Kids Health help parents, teens, and kids stay safe in loads of situations. In this section, they discuss fire safety for kids as text or audio. Be sure to scroll down to get other kid themed fire safety lessons.


    1. Kids Fire Safety Tips
      Buzzy the Smoke Detector, Reddy the Fire Extinguisher, and Squirt the Water Drop all have stuff to teach kids about fire safety. The simple site offers loads of tips for kids with a simple scrolling down of diagrams and sayings.


    1. Fire Safety for Children
      Sprout is where younger kids come to learn all sorts of things. This special section shows how you can teach kids to practice fire safety every day. There are games activities and even a special section from Fireman Sam.


    1. Fire Safety
      And if the above isn’t enough, click here. It is a collection of fire safety resources from Kennesaw State University. It has links to everything from fire safety coloring books to home fire escape plans.


Top Sites to Teach Older Kids About Fire Safety

    1. National Fire Prevention Association
      They are the authority on fire, electrical, and building safety. Visit to get codes and standards, safety information, training, and much more. There is also a special section for kids, blogs, and much more on fire education.


    1. Fire Safety
      Medline Plus often shares trusted health information. In this section, they share fire safety and prevention tips. Scroll down to get information on fireworks, gasoline, smoking, and many other fire related topics.


    1. Fire Extinguisher 101
      This site’s goal is to teach all visitors about the different kinds of fire extinguishers and why it is important to have one in the home. There are sections on types, how they work, how to use one, maintenance, and more. You can even visit to learn about the biggest fires in history.


    1. How Smoke Detectors Work
      HowStuffWorks is a leading science site for kids of all ages. In this entry, they show how smoke detectors work including the science behind them. You can also choose from tips, fire extinguishers, and more.


    1. Fire Prevention Tips
      The Home Safety Council shares fire prevention tips suitable for adults and older kids. You can choose from sections on everything from bathroom to grilling safety. There is also an Expert Network with entries by fire safety professionals.


    1. Fire Prevention in the Home
      Michael J. Sheehan edited this piece for The Senior Corner. However, everyone can take advantage of the quick and timely tips on fire safety. Help is given with fire extinguishers, fireplaces, and exit plans.


    1. U.S. Fire Administration
      Get an education in fire safety on this site from FEMA. Safety topics include smoke alarms, sprinklers, escape planning, extinguishers, and even carbon monoxide. There is also a special section just for kids.


    1. Fire Education
      The US Forest Service is the home of Smokey the Bear and some online fire safety education. Visit here to learn the importance of fire safety outdoors. There are also sections on equipment, management, and even fire science.


    1. CAL Fire
      You don’t have to live in the state to take advantage of this site from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. They have fact sheets, teacher’s tools, kids section, and even a video where a fireman shows a child how to use the water hose. There is even safety by holiday such as Fourth of July or Halloween.


    1. Fire Safety
      Have a kid who’s really smart? Then have them read this guide on fire safety from the U.S. Department of Labor and explain it to you. They include many standards set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.


Top Videos to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

    1. Sparkles the Fire Dog
      There are several videos for the viewing from Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. Topics include an escape plan, changing batteries, and being smart. The main site also has much more to teach kids about fire safety.


    1. Fire Safety for Your Home
      Kathy Moore of has loads for parents of toddlers. In this video, she shares how to make fire safety a priority in your home. She also has loads of other resources for parents of toddlers.


    1. Get Your Smokey On
      We all heard “only you can prevent forest fires” as kids from this cartoon bear. Now your kids can hear it whenever they want by checking out Smokey’s own vault of online videos. There are also games, stories, and other fun for kids on the site.


    1. Be Cool About Fire Safety
      This series of videos from Allstate is akin to the Schoolhouse Rock of fire safety. A catchy song and kids teach other kids the basics of fire safety. Several parts are featured on YouTube.


    1. Stop, Drop, and Roll
      One of the basic tenants of fire safety, this video teaches all about the fire practice of stop, drop, and roll. The song also has other important fire safety tips.


    1. Twiddlebug’s Smoke Detector
      This video is from the childhood favorite “Sesame Street.” In the video, characters install and use a smoke detector. They also show how to test a smoke detector.


    1. Fireman Teaches Fire Safety
      Can’t have a real fireman come to your house and teach fire safety? Then check out this video from a teacher who filmed a fireman teaching fire safety. There are also other fire safety videos from Katz JCC.


    1. Fire Safety for Young Children
      The Department of Social and Health Services of Washington teaches all about fire safety in this video. They report that many children can be afraid of fireman during a fire and need to be taught that the firemen are there to help them. Slightly on the scary side, parents should watch with children.


    1. Fire Safety for All Families
      Safe Kids USA focuses on making homes safe for all kids. In this short video, they discuss fire safety for all families, including those with special needs. You can also find many other videos on other safety topics.


    1. 911 Song
      Have a kid who only learns through song? Then have them visit this video to teach when and how to dial 911. Best for parents whose kids know how to use headphones.


Remember that each family and classroom is different and that the above top 30 sites to teach kids about fire safety are for educational purposes only. Visit your local fire department to learn more on fire safety in your area and always dial 911 when in an actual emergency.