25 Must-See YouTube Videos About Fire Prevention

Fires can start at any time and almost anywhere. Without the proper precautions, even a home you think is safe can turn into a fire trap. It’s important to be aware of the hazards that you might have in your home and prepare accordingly.

You don’t have to have a degree in fire science to know some of the common sense steps to take to prevent a fire, whether you are in your home or away from it. Here are some great videos about preventing fires, including a number of informative PSAs:

General Fire Prevention Tips

Use these videos to educate yourself about fire prevention, and the steps that can be taken to reduce the chance that you will have problems with fire. A great overview of the steps that can be taken to prevent fires.

  1. The Checklist: For 2008 Fire Prevention Week, this cartoon was created. It’s mainly aimed at adults, even though it’s a cartoon. A great checklist for preventing fires in your home.
  2. Home Fire Prevention Tips: Use these tips to help you avoid a house fire. Geared especially for the change from warm weather to cold weather.
  3. Dryer Fire Prevention: A helpful look at how to prevent becoming a victim of dryer fire. Your dryer is a convenience, but it can also cause a fire. Be careful.
  4. Home Safety Tips: Kitchen Fire Prevention & Safety: Take a look at how to keep your kitchen from being a source of fire. A quick, simple video.
  5. Stop Duck & Roll Fire Prevention Tips from Stanlee Duck: A fun video that offers practical tips aimed at adults. Learn more about preventing fires, and what to do in case of a fire.
  6. Fire prevention tips: You can get an idea of misconceptions related to fire safety, and then learn a few tips that can help you prevent fires in your home.
  7. “Safety Tips”: You can learn from this great Q&A with members of the Philadelphia fire department. Fire prevention ideas from the pros.

Kid-Friendly Fire Prevention Videos

If you are interested helping your children learn about fire prevention, or even if you teach a class of children, it can be a good idea to use these videos, which are aimed at kids. Great resources for helping kids learn about fire prevention.

  1. Fire Safety For Children: The Friendly Fireman: Kids learn about preventing fires with the help of “The Friendly Fireman.” Great rules that can help kids be safer.
  2. Fire Safety Song For Children: Great song to help children remember to be safe at home. A great fire safety resource for kids.
  3. Fire Prevention & Home Safety: This fire truck helps you learn how to be safe at home, as well as prevent fires. Meant for children, offering some fire safety tips.
  4. Fire Safety for Kids: These puppets can help your children learn about better fire habits. Suggestions for being safe at home.
  5. Buzzly Fire Safety: Kid-friendly look at fire prevention and home safety tips. This is designed for children ages two to 10 to learn how to keep from starting fires.
  6. Serifon fire safety: Animation meant to help children learn about fire prevention, and how to be safe at home during a fire.

Holiday Fire Prevention Videos

From fireworks accidents on the Fourth of July, to exploding deep fat fryers meant for turkeys at Thanksgiving, there are a number of fire hazards around the holidays. Here are some ways to protect yourself, and avoiding having a fire ruin your good time.

  1. Home fire prevention tips for the holidays: A look at holiday decorations and fire. Learn how to prevent a fire around the holidays.
  2. Holiday fire prevention: PSA that provides you with 10 tips for holiday safety. A great reminder of how you can keep your home safe from fire during the holidays.
  3. Be careful with that turkey fryer: The Grand Rapids Fire Department offers a look at turkey fryers. Learn safety tips that can help you prevent a home fire when cooking a turkey.
  4. Turkey Fryer Danger: Make sure you are careful as you prepare your turkey. Great tips for preventing a fire from your turkey fryer.
  5. Connecting with Community Fireworks Safety: Be careful when using fireworks. Safety tips, as well as tips for avoiding starting a fire with your fireworks. Make sure that you are safe, and be careful with fireworks.
  6. Grilling Safety: Most of us associate the Fourth of July with barbecuing. These tips can help you prevent fires — or explosions — with your grill as you enjoy the Independence Day holiday.

Preventing Forest Fires, and Camp Fire Safety Tips

These videos are about preventing forest fires. If you enjoy camping, and spending time outdoors, these are great videos to reference. Plenty of common sense suggestions and ideas.

  1. Forest Fire Prevention: Basic video that can help you learn safety tips to prevent forest fires. Humorous video about teaching about camp fire safety. Make sure you do what you should to prevent fires.
  2. A Day in the Forest with Smokey Bear: Looks at fire safety tips while in the forest. Iconic figure Smokey Bear helps you learn more about forest fire prevention. Especially helpful for children.
  3. Addams family psa forest fires prevention: A fun trip back to the 1970s with this PSA on preventing forest fires by properly putting out a camp fire. A fun reminder that also brings a bit of nostalgia.
  4. How to Build a Campfire: You can learn more about how to safely build a camp fire. A great resource for building the right kind of camp fire that will not result in the start of a forest fire.
  5. Camping: Fire Safety: If you are not able to have wood fires in the area you are camping in, this fire safety tip can be quite helpful. Make sure you are careful, even when an open flame or wood fire is not part of your excursion.
  6. Camping & Backpacking: How to Pack a Camping Stove: Learn how to properly pack your camping stove. You want to make sure you are practicing safety so that it doesn’t start a forest fire.