Louisiana offers promising work opportunities for aspiring firefighters. The state employs around 5,890 firefighters and 200 fire inspectors and investigators, who specialize in protecting the land and people from blazes. Many are also trained to provide emergency medical services during emergencies.

The annual wages of firefighters in Louisiana varies depending on location, education, experience, and certification. Those with higher levels of education and experience are often promoted to higher-level positions that offer more competitive pay. Take a look at the chart below to see the average annual earnings for firefighters, fire inspectors and investigators, and fire service supervisors in the state.

Louisiana Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $18,790 $28,720 $56,670
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $33,350 $53,450 $84,230
Fire Service Supervisors $25,520 $40,000 $70,300


Louisiana is home to several colleges that allow students to earn certification in fire science, or associate degrees in a fire-related field. High school graduates looking to learn the fundamentals of fire science and safety may consider earning an associate degree from a community colleges. At this level, students will be exposed to the core basics of the profession, including subjects like fire chemistry, hazardous materials handling, and tactics to effectively extinguish fires in emergency situations, to name a few. A popular university that offers excellent fire science education in Louisiana is Louisiana State University Eunice.

Current firefighters with experience and some education may look into furthering their career by going back to school and obtaining a bachelor or master’s degree in fire science. Many higher-level positions such as managerial, administrative, and supervisory roles are filled by firefighters with more education. Like most other professions, higher degrees increase the chances of employment in a highly competitive field.


Louisiana is home to two schools that offer fire science degrees. If you’re looking into becoming a part of the firefighting community, consider these colleges below.


Distance learning is a viable option for individuals in Louisiana who work a full-time job or other personal obligations that require a flexible academic schedule. Despite the fact that firefighting is a field that requires hands-on experience, many of the core, general, and prerequisite classes can be taken online.

Because Louisiana only has two colleges that offer fire science degree programs, online classes would benefit students who don’t live in the vicinity of those campuses. A diverse amount of fire-related associate degrees and fire administration bachelor degrees are offered through online colleges.

Students are expected to complete assignments by assigned due dates and can turn in their work via email or an online classroom portal. To participate in class, students are expected to interact with their peers and instructors via live chat programs, Skype, or a classroom discussion board. A strong work ethic, motivation to succeed, and excellent time management skills are key to success when it comes to online learning.