Even though Connecticut is a rather small state in the U.S., it still offers plenty of job opportunities for fire science professionals. In fact, the state is home to around 245 fire stations, 3,040 firefighters, and 550 fire inspectors and investigators! These employees play a crucial role in fighting blazes and protecting citizens from injury as a result of them.

Fire science professionals in Connecticut are well-compensated for their work. Here is just a quick glance at competitive annual wages for firefighters, fire inspectors and investigators, and fire service supervisors in the state.

Connecticut Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $37,040 $59,420 $73,670
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $19,150 $57,390 $89,700
Fire Science Supervisors $30,060 $48,780 $73,930


There are six accredited colleges in Connecticut that offer fire science degrees. The Connecticut Fire Academy is also an option for students looking to gain general knowledge in the field and train for certification tests. Not only do firefighters have to pass written exams, they are also required to pass a physical exam as well, to demonstrate their endurance, strength, and fitness levels. Firefighters must be physically fit to perform their jobs well under high-stress conditions.

Connecticut’s community colleges give fire science students the chance to earn certificates or an associate degree. At these levels, students can expect to become familiar with the basics revolving around fire science, such as fire chemistry, history of fire science, introduction to handling hazardous materials, and tactics to extinguish a fire safely. For those looking to advance their career in firefighting, a bachelor or master’s degree can be earned at four-year universities. University of New Haven in Connecticut offers both degree options. At the higher education level, students may pick a specialty in the field, and will delve into more in-depth subjects such as fire and arson investigation, supervisory and administrative duties in the profession.


Connecticut offers excellent education choices in fire science.


Earning a degree in fire science online is a possibility in Connecticut. In fact, it is a great option for working professionals looking to brush up on their skills or learn new material in the field. The University of New Haven has a distance learning program that allows students to learn important subjects such as disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and sociology behind disasters, to name a few, and earn up to a master’s degree in fire science.

Online colleges in Connecticut also have viable options for aspiring professionals looking to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree as well. The classes available online are designed to provide students who are unable to attend classes in person to still learn the material and earn a degree on their own schedule and in their own space with reliable Internet. However, because firefighting does require hands-on experience, students may be required to meet at a facility to complete projects and tasks in-person. These projects are designed to give students insight on what they may have to deal with on the job after graduation.