Since Arizona is often extremely dry in climate, it has a strong demand for qualified firefighters to help fight and prevent blazes. The state is home to 245 fire stations, and plenty of desert and forest land. Many career options in firefighting, fire investigation, emergency medical services, and more are available to prospective firefighters in The Grand Canyon State.

Fire science is an extremely competitive field, with an expected growth rate of only 7% in the country from 2012-2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Job salaries and opportunities vary from region to region in the state, but here is a quick glance at popular fire science jobs in Arizona.

Arizona Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $20,440 $41,440 $60,610
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $42,410 $60,530 $80,710
Fire Service Supervisors $26,360 $44,740 $66,110


Aspiring firefighters can choose between a vast variety of academic options in the field of fire science available in Arizona schools. Whether it’s a certificate program, an associate degree program, bachelor degree program, or master’s degree program, students are sure to find the one that best suits their career aspirations. Like any other profession, higher education often increases employment chances, especially in specialized and competitive occupations in fire science.

At the associate and certificate level, prospective firefighters can get a feel for the industry as a whole. They’ll be introduced to basic coursework such as history of fire science, fire chemistry, and begin physical training. With an associate degree, one can apply as an entry-level firefighter at his/her local fire station. After working for a few years, one might consider going back to school while gaining more experience to be considered for a promotion within the department. A bachelor’s degree program in fire science will give students a more in-depth look at specialized fields in fire science, such as medical services or arson investigation, for example. Pursuant’s of a master’s degree are looking at possibly working at the supervisory or administrative level in fire or emergency management.


Arizonans have excellent fire science programs offering rigorous curriculum and a diverse variety of hands-on opportunities to choose from.


Distance learning programs provide students with the opportunity to learn fire science material from virtually anywhere with Internet. How cool is that? Arizona has a plethora of institutions that offer online programs with typical fire science coursework offered in a traditional classroom setting. Students take their classes online, submit their assignments via e-mail or an online learning platform, and participate in class discussions through a discussion board, via chat programs, or through Skype.

Online learning is great for those who prefer to work on their own schedule and in their own space. However, due to the physical nature of fire science, students may be required to visit a facility occasionally to complete projects in-person. These tasks are designed to provide students the opportunity to get the hands-on experience required on the job after graduation.