Wyoming employs around 420 firefighters, 120 first-line supervisors, and 640 paramedics and emergency medical technicians and paramedics to protect the state’s residents, land, and property from fire loss, damage, or injuries as a result of manmade and natural blazes. Students interested in joining this well-trained network of fire service professionals can start by getting fire science education at one of the many institutions that offer fire science degrees in Wyoming.

The annual salaries for Wyoming firefighters will depend on a variety of factors such as education, location, and experience. The chart below summarizes the average yearly earnings of Wyoming firefighters and fire service supervisors at the 10th, 50th, and 90th percentiles.

Wyoming Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $17,360 $41,380 $58,770
Fire Service Supervisors $29,530 $51,000 $65,060


Interested in pursuing fire science? Wyoming is home to a handful of schools from which students can acquire their required training and education. Fresh high school graduates looking to get a quick overview and feel for what fire science is all about can start by pursuing a certificate. To earn this, students must pass a series of exams, so they usually take some classes to prepare them. Some courses include public education, fire investigation, fire prevention, firefighting, fire department management, hazardous materials handling, and fire equipment operation, to name a few.

Those looking to really build their career in fire science may want to go for an associate degree in the field. Students at this level will take coursework very similar to those at the certificate level, but they will also be required to take general education and elective courses like English, math, and history before graduating. These classes do not have anything to do with firefighting directly, but are designed to give students a more well-rounded education.

Because firefighting requires strength and the ability to act quickly in any dangerous situation, prospective firefighters are required to be physically fit as well. Students may be physically trained at a fire academy, or in their own time at the gym lifting weights, engaging in cardiovascular activities, etc.


Wyoming is home to several academic institutions that provide fire science training. Browse through the list of schools below to find your best match.


Improved technology and the Internet allow students to conveniently earn their degrees online today. General education and elective classes can often be completed entirely online; however, some classes required toward the degree may still require students to meet on-site every now and then to complete hands-on projects in-person. The reason for this is because firefighting is a hands-on field that requires skills beyond just book-material.

Online classes usually involve students participating in class via chat programs or virtual discussion boards with professors and other peers after finishing assigned reading material. Students can turn in their assignments to professors via email. Of course, every school’s system is slightly different, so it is important for students to review the syllabus thoroughly before beginning a class. To succeed, students of online learning must have reliable Internet, strong time management skills, and the ability to work well independently.