Kansas is an excellent place for aspiring fire professionals to begin their careers. The state has over 450 fire departments, and approximately 4,080 firefighters work together to prevent and fight blazes, and protecting and treating residents from injury as a result from fires. Additionally, approximately 100 fire inspectors and investigators work to find the causes of fires, explosions, or hazards that may pose safety risks to citizens.

Some great training programs and academic options are available for hopefuls to gain a strong foundation in the profession. While annual salaries vary depending on factors like education level, expertise, and years of experience, these wages will give you a picture of average earnings for firefighters, fire inspectors and investigators, and fire service supervisors in Kansas.

Kansas Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $23,180 $40,100 $63,960
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $25,370 $49,990 $72,780
Fire Service Supervisors $26,830 $43,900 $66,590


Entry-level firefighters will do just fine on the job with a fire science certificate or associate degree in a fire-related field. They’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge, such as fire chemistry, hazardous materials handling, and basic emergency services tactics, to name a few. The certificate or A.S. degree route is perfect for high school graduates wanting to explore the profession of fire safety as a potential career.

After some education and work experience, some may consider going back to school and earning a bachelor or master’s degree from a four-year university offering programs in fire science. At these levels, students can choose to specialize in a specific field within the profession to learn more in-depth material. Some of these specialties could be engineering, arson investigation, technology, or human resources. Many that graduate with a bachelor or master’s degree often end up filling administrative, managerial, and supervisory roles in the fire department.

The colleges in Kansas offer great hands-on training programs, which is an advantage to students because much of the field is hands-on work. Students will be better prepared in situations requiring emergency medical services, fighting fires on-site, etc. Some colleges noted for strong hands-on training include Dodge Community College and Hutchinson Community College.


Aspiring firefighters or EMTs can find the perfect certificate and degree program in Kansas for their career goals using our list and search tool below.


Firefighters who are already employed full-time but want to further their education and career may find it hard to do so if they have to commute to class on a set schedule after or in between their working hours. Luckily, there are online learning opportunities available for busy firefighters or individuals with personal obligations that allow students to earn degrees equivalent to students studying in the traditional setting!

Distance learning in Kansas may combine both online coursework and on-site activities into a hybrid program to prepare students well not only on the knowledge side of fire science, but also the hands-on side of it, too. Students will learn most of the material online and interact with their peers and professors via chat programs, classroom discussion boards via the web, or through email. They’ll be required to occasionally meet on-campus to complete projects and tasks in-person to finish a class.