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Ready to save lives and make an impact? Not only do firefighters fight fires, they also do so much more. Providing public education about safety, conducting fire inspections, and performing community outreach to spread awareness about fire prevention are just some of the many complex duties of a firefighter today. Nowadays, many firefighters are equipped with knowledge and materials to properly handle hazardous materials and situations. Additionally, they are often trained as paramedics or EMTs for the event that an emergency requires immediate medical attention.


How To Become A Firefighter

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter. This guide will take you through the steps it takes to become a firefighter in 2016.

A Guide to Fire Safety and Education

Learn about the fire safety courses required for a fire science major.

Online Fire Science Degree Programs

Interested in getting a fire science degree but don’t have the time to “go to” school? Not to worry; there are plenty of online programs out there. Read this guide to understand your options.

Fire Science Degree Programs

A list of all of the top-rated fire science degree colleges and courses.

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How to Become a Fire Protection Technician

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How to Become a Fire Marshal

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How to Become a Wildland Firefighter

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How to Become a Fire Chief

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Fire Science Education
by Degree Level

There are many types of fire science degree programs to choose from, such as general fire prevention, fire services leadership, and fire suppression. The programs range from general to specific, and are tailored to prospective or entry-level firefighters to those already with basic experience looking to expand their knowledge and advance their careers. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different degree programs available:

Keep in mind that in addition to obtaining a certificate or degree, entry-level firefighters are often required to complete at least 600 hours of training in a 12 to 14-week period at a designated fire academy.

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