Indiana employs around 7,800 firefighters and 5,900 EMTs and paramedics in the fire safety profession. These fire professionals are skilled at responding to medical emergencies, as well as preventing and fighting fires. In addition to firefighters and medical technicians, fire inspectors and investigators, as well as fire service supervisors play a crucial role in the state by inspecting buildings and determining the causes of fires in order to promote a safe living environment for Indiana citizens.

Firefighters can work their way to up earning competitive wages in the field, through extensive training, experience, and formal education. Here’s a quick glance at average annual salaries for firefighters, fire inspectors and investigators, and fire service supervisors in Indiana.

Indiana Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $26,020 $46,130 $58,760
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $27,270 $37,250 $67,330
Fire Service Supervisors $22,610 $38,010 $65,690


Like most professions, experience is great to have, but is not always enough. Education is always helpful when it comes to work, especially in the firefighting field. Those fresh out of high school and wanting to explore a fire science career may want to start by earning a certification in fire science or pursue an associate degree from a local community college. By doing so, students can get a feel for expected skills, coursework, and other requirements that come with the profession, and from there, can decide whether or not it is a suitable career for them.

Indiana is home to many programs available for first-responder medical programs, such as EMTs. However, the state only has one institution that offers a fire science degree program. Because Indiana has so many school options that offer programs in the paramedics aspect of the field, students can be assured they’ll get quality education in basic paramedical care practiced in emergencies, involving fires. Some excellent universities that offer these programs include Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (A.S. in paramedic science), Vincennes University (training programs in fire science, safety, emergency management, etc.), and Indiana University – Bloomington (EMT training program).


It’s important to note that the fire science-specific degree program is only offered at Vincennes University in Indiana. Refer to our list below for the options and field specialties from each campus to get a better idea of what would best fit you and your career goals.


While Indiana may not have many on-campus options available for fire science education, there are viable web-based learning options. Vincennes University, for example, offers distance learning classes and allows students to earn either an associate degree in fire science and safety technology, or a bachelor’s degree in homeland security & public safety.

It’s important to keep in mind that while classes may be “online,” students will still be expected to occasionally meet in a classroom setting to complete certain projects and tasks in-person. These projects are designed to give students insight on the hands-on aspect of fire science and safety. In addition to the in-state options, Indiana students may also consider the out-of-state colleges that offer competitive online programs they can enroll in.

Web-based learning is a great space for students to learn material at their own pace when it is most convenient for them. This allows working professionals with other obligations the opportunity to advance their careers through higher education, or simply refine their knowledge with updated information taught in schools today.