Idaho is home to a majority of forest landscapes in the country, making it highly susceptible to wildfires. With this said, well-trained and skilled firefighters and fire professionals are always in-demand in the state, to help prevent and fight off fires and protect citizens from any injury or loss of life resulting from blazes.

Fire inspectors and investigators generally make more than firefighters and fire service supervisors in Idaho. See the chart below for a general picture of annual salaries for firefighters, fire inspectors and investigators, and fire service supervisors employed in Idaho.

Idaho Fire Service Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Firefighters $17,620 $35,520 $59,950
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $41,290 $64,020 $76,610
Fire Service Supervisors $25,790 $42,360 $60,200


Aspiring firefighters and fire professionals in Idaho must complete educational assessments as well as background, physical health, and psychological exams. Firefighting is a field that requires individuals to be physically fit, so it is important that candidates have strength and endurance. To thrive in a fire science career, hopefuls may want to start out by earning a certification in fire science or a fire-related associate degree from a local community college. At this level of education, students will learn basic fire facts and rescue techniques.

Working firefighters wanting to advance their career and get promoted to a higher-level position will need to not only have several years of firefighting experience, they will also have to go back to school to earn either a bachelor or master’s degree in fire science. At this level of education, students will pick a specialization in the industry that they feel best suits their career goals. They’ll also take more in-depth general coursework that are relevant to fire science. Some subjects at this level are fire investigation, fire science management, fire protection engineering, and arson investigation, to name a few.

Because firefighting is such a competitive field, higher education often boosts chances for better job opportunities and employment. Those with a bachelor or master’s degree are much more likely to be employed in managerial, administrative, and supervisory roles in fire safety.


There are five accredited schools in Idaho that offer comprehensive fire science degree programs. The colleges are scattered throughout the state, making it convenient for students to study in the south, north, and west areas. Browse through the list of Idaho colleges to find your perfect match using our search tool below.


Want to earn a degree in fire science but afraid school will get in the way of your personal, family, and work obligations? Worry no more — online degree programs in Idaho have been designed to provide busy individuals just like you with the opportunity to take classes via the web from virtually anywhere with reliable Internet! The flexibility that comes with distance learning will allow you to attend to your everyday obligations, while earning your degree!

How does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. You’ll register for required coursework to earn your degree and learn the material online instead of on-campus. To ensure success, students must actively participate in class discussions via their online portal, turn in assignments on time, interact with their instructors via email, chat programs, or Skype, and be able to study well with little to no hand-holding outside of the classroom setting. In short, the principles are very similar to a classroom setting, except you’re learning via the web! A drive to succeed, ability to focus, and general curiosity in the subject(s) are key to success when studying online.