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At its core, the study of fire science is aimed at putting out fires and keeping people, communities, and other resources safe. But getting to that point has much greater involvement, as the need for administrative leadership across the fire science realm had grown significantly in recent years.

Existing firefighters who are looking to advance into high-level managerial roles at various fire service organizations would be served well by a Fire Science and Administration Master’s degree. One example of such a degree would be a Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Fire Science Management. As opposed to “front-line” responsibilities, this program focuses on the candidate’s growth of administrative skills and strategies aimed at prevention, preparedness, and applying experience to future situations. An MPA in Fire Science Management may lead to job growth to such areas as fire chief, fire marshal, emergency services coordinator, or director of fire prevention and education, among others. Coursework within such a program may often include legal studies in relation to fire protection, fiscal management, and inspection and investigation, as well as various levels of human resources, government administration, and management and information systems offerings.

While several schools now offer programs specific to fire science, many positions can be filled with other related public safety degrees like emergency management and safety & health. We have made getting a fire science degree easy by taking the step and finding schools that offer the degree. Below are some of the best online fire science degrees and other related programs.

Kaplan University
AAS in Fire Science
Kaplan University offers a wide variety accredited online fire science degrees. The advanced start programs are designed for students who already have an associates or bachelors in another subject, whereas the standard associates and bachelors have no pre-requisite degree requirements. Students will be able to choose from an Associates, Bachelors, or Advanced Bachelors degree in Fire Science; or a Bachelors or Advanced Bachelors degree in Fire Emergency Management.
Grand Canyon University
M.S. in Leadership: Disaster Preparedness & Executive Fire Leadership
The Masters in Executive Fire Leadership prepares students for high level or managerial roles in their career. Students will gain vital skills and knowledge like disaster preparedness, emergency preparedness, organizational skills, and building strong communication and human interaction skills. This accredited degree requires a bachelors degree as a prerequisite but is available online. Grand Canyon University also offers a 4-credit model that allows you to complete your degree program in less time.
Columbia Southern University
A.A.S. Fire Science
Columbia Southern University features online degrees in fire science to give you the edge you need to succeed. Extending from a curriculum of fire prevention and fire protection, our fire science degrees take a multi-professional approach to policy integration, management of organizations and human resources.

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