Fire Science & Administration Master’s Degree Programs

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At its core, the study of fire science is aimed at putting out fires and keeping people, communities, and other resources safe. But getting to that point has much greater involvement, as the need for administrative leadership across the fire science realm had grown significantly in recent years.

Existing firefighters who are looking to advance into high-level managerial roles at various fire service organizations would be served well by a Fire Science and Administration Master’s degree. One example of such a degree would be a Master of Public Administration with a specialization in Fire Science Management. As opposed to “front-line” responsibilities, this program focuses on the candidate’s growth of administrative skills and strategies aimed at prevention, preparedness, and applying experience to future situations. An MPA in Fire Science Management may lead to job growth to such areas as fire chief, fire marshal, emergency services coordinator, or director of fire prevention and education, among others. Coursework within such a program may often include legal studies in relation to fire protection, fiscal management, and inspection and investigation, as well as various levels of human resources, government administration, and management and information systems offerings.